Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hamberger Fantasy & Salad Orgy

Detox Day 3 - Last night was the hardest. I really want to eat something small. Fantasies of a Five-Guys cheeseburger dressed in a pair of cargo shorts with no shirt, running through a field crossed my mind. I know strange, right?

The funniest part was when I imagined a salad orgy. In my mind, I saw lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, beans, olives, and cucumbers in a nice condo over looking the NYC skyline. The scene was posh and chill. The veggies were all hanging out on modern furniture with animal skin rugs. There was a red beat sitting on top of the piano as the head of romaine lettuce played "Smooth Operator." I started to laugh, because I imagined that the next morning, after the party, when the house cleaner came in...there was salad everywhere. It looked like a nice, freshly, tossed salad.

My roommate added that a cutting board and chopping knife came to the party. All of the veggies were attracted to the cutting board and chopping knife. As the board and knife started to mingle and dance with the veggies, they started to "cut up" and it was a great time. Then the salad dressing came in over and spread their love all over everyone. There was music playing. I think that it was Jay-z and Beyonce' "Hollywood." For some reason, Rick James was lying on the couch eating strawberries.
Any was long night needless to say. I was tempted and tested to eat until I went to bed. As I feel asleep I listened to meditation and calming melodies on Pandora to take my mind of off the cheeseburgers, salad, and Rick James.

Today I feel fabulous. The girl next to me is eating a Starbucks breakfast sandwich, and I have no desire to eat. In fact I think that I am going to work out this evening.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mind & Body

I've been thinking about detoxing for a while. All of my life I've been skinny and in shape. I've been playing volleyball since I was eight. My parents walked, biked and provided a healthy diet for my brother and I. I never got in trouble for having my hands in the cookie jar, because my parents didn't keep sweets in the house. When I went to other kids' houses their parents used to "open" and "close" the kitchen to regulate when their children were allowed to eat. At diner, some of my friends weren't allowed to eat and drink at the same time. They had to eat ALL of their food first then they could drink. All these rules and regulations that I watched my friends and family members follow as a child seemed stupid. My parents never denied my brother and I food. Today most of my friends that had strict food regulations are fat, out of shape and have bad skin.

As an adult I see food as a need not a want. I still don't keep cookies, cakes and pies in my home. When I was in grad school in 2003, I was an emotional eater for about 10 months and I gained about 10 pounds. I ate everything in site. I didn't pay attention to my weight because I had always been skinny. It wasn't until I moved to NYC that I realized that I was eating too much. So I started to take working out and eating right more seriously than I ever did before.
As I started to work out and eat better. I realized some things about me started to change. I was happier, my sex drive was above average, my clothes fit perfectly, I felt sexy, my skin and mind was clear. All of these positive and good feeling came from my change in lifestyle.

My sister-in-law gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant and after she spent a lot of time loosing weight. She cut out all sodas, watched her carbohydrates in take, started to change her eating and exercise habits, and she doesn't eat sweets during the week - only on the weekend.

2day, 6.22.2010 is my second day of doing the master cleanse. Not too bad. Of course I feel a little weak and my mind is a little loopy, but my body feels good. This cleanse is also a spiritual fast for me. Last year I started to read and try to understand the ways of Buddhism . Since, my personal / spiritual mission is to be more calm, patient and enlightened. For the next four days, I plan to reflect on my goals, focus on and be thankful for the life that I have, denounce my one-again-off-again smoking habit (not many people know that about me), and try to find my spiritual zenith.