Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since the beginning of time men, not just men with money and power have felt the need to cheat on their wives. Lately in the media there have been reports of male celebrities, Tiger Woods, Jessie James, Sen. John Edwards, Steve McNair, Matthew Knowles (singer Beyonce's father) that have cheated on their families. Recently, footballer, Tiki Barber decided to leave his pregnant wife of 11 years for a 23 year-old woman that he was dating and sexually intimate with. Sen. Edwards, lied and cheated on his wife (who was terminally ill with cancer) about his affair with a female c0-worker.


It is reported that Tiki's new women is a "model-thin," blonde woman. I am sorry, but the fact that she is blonde and "model-thin" is no longer a shock. White women have been the prime picking for men of power forever in this country. Lately, women of all colors are falling victim to infidelity from men that they trust.

However, I do find the latest trend of what I like to call 'Out-of-the-closet' Infidelity sad and disgusting. There are cultures around the world where men date, marry and bear children with multiple women. Thus, there are no expectations of monogamy. Women in other countries understand that they are not the "the only one." They expect it, are taught to handle it and accept that as their reality.

However, there are unwritten codes in life that we used to abide by. Just like the "mafia code", under the code, a mobster wasn't allowed to kill a man if his wife and children were around. You Scarface fans know just what I am talking about. Today, people have no respect for the "code," the mobsters/gangster will kill a man in front of his parents, children, and wife.

Which brings makes me wonder, since when is it cool and or acceptable to embarrass your family with your cheating ways? Where is the respect? Fellas, where is your honor? Clearly, men have been dipping out on there wives for centuries, but they kept it on the low. Even when things fell a part in a relationship, the children weren't aware of their father's infidelities. Men didn't flaunt their side-dish(es) in from of their main-course. And don't spend your time apologizing to people that don't matter (i.e. your fans and your sponsors, Mr. Woods). Apologize to your parents, your children and your wives for lying and cheating.

I leave you with two quotes from Mr. Carter

1. "If my hands in the cookie jar, know one thing...I'ma take the cookie not leave my ring ...If my hands in the cookie jar know one thing"

2. "if ever you mad about something it won't be that, oh no it won't be that i don't be at, places where we comfy at with no be-atch, oh no, you won't see that..."

Fellas, you've got to do better. It is worth the shame and the hurt that you put your families through? Think about your children. Nothing is wrong with moving on, but have some decency.

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