Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Cyber Kings?

As you may already know or heard rumors about, Skype a proprietary software application that allows users to make voice call over the internet. Any who the recently announced their IPO (initial public offering). This means that the company wants to sell its share to the public. They plan to raise $100 million in an initial public offering. I am no Wall Street guru, but I would put money on this one.

There are concerns about Skype's ability to raise money and be a valuable company moving forward. Skype offers free services and has no real advertising backing. This means that they depend on a small group of paying customers to keep the lights on....

Moving on - I think that Skype and a few key tech, digital, and wireless services are about to pull a Miami Heat, three Kings deal. In the year part of the year, Verizon Wireless made it spoke about what phones could be used with Skype Mobile - many of these phones were smart phones

Sometime between February and now Verizon or Skype or both had a change of heart and today there are a few select phones in the Verizon data based that are compatible with
Skype Mobile.

Today Skype announced the collaboration with Verizon. Mergers and business collaborations is nothing new. Everyone does it.
What is my point?

AT&T struck gold when it joined forces with the IPhone. AT&T is helped by the iPhone, for which it is the exclusive U.S. carrier. AT&T said it once again activated a record number of iPhones: 3.2 million. That was boosted by the launch of the iPhone 4 in the last few days of the quarter.

It has been rumored that Iphone will cancel their exclusive contract with AT&T and move to Verizon.

Since Skype announced its IPO, the word on the strazzy (street) is that Apple may purchase Skype.

So we have two wireless companies and two three digital, tech, interactive power players on deck. I can't say for sure what all this will turn out to be, but mobile is King and if Skype wants to play with the big-boys...they need to focus their efforts on the mobile product. I predict that Skype is going to be the next VIOP-mobile King.

If they play their cards right, I am sure you will hear Skype used a verb. ‘Skype me’ sounds like Google me.

The truth is...There is no competition. Sure, Google offers VIOP, but not as well as Skype. Cable companies are trying to get into the VIOP action, but again...they don't have the brand that Skype has. There is no real competition. Do you need an iPod, or do you need an MP3 player? It is all about the brand and Skype has a damn good one.

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  1. Since IPods have internet connectivity. Could Skype be used on them?